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memory option?

Federico Bruni
I was trying to use the Create data feature of Scripts, but I always failed because of low memory. Then I found this:

It works now. I'm using version 3.6
What prevents you from replacing the hard-coded memory value with an environment variable or whatever a user can easily adjust?

That's the relevant part in the script (I've replaced 256m with 1280m):

# Launch SQuirreL application
$JAVACMD -Xmx1280m -cp "$CP" $MACOSX_SQUIRREL_PROPS -splash:"$SQUIRREL_SQL_HOME/icons/splash.jpg" net.sourceforge.squirrel_sql.client.Main --log-config-file "$UNIX_STYLE_HOME"/ --squirrel-home "$UNIX_STYLE_HOME" $NATIVE_LAF_PROP $SCRIPT_ARGS


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