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looking at H2 database

John Norris

Hi, using V3.7.1. on windows 10.

I have a grails H2 database running on Linux. I can connect to the db via dbconsole in a browser. It shows the tables that I have added and the entries in those tables via SQL statements.

I have also connected to the same database via Squirrel. But I can not see the tables. If I try to run an sql command, I get an error as the table is not found.

I know this is rather vague and probably pretty basic but what am I doing wrong?

If there is further information required then please ask.

Also, as an aside, during the tool installation, an entry is made in the start menu for running squirrel-sql.bat but this opens the file in an editor rather than actually runs it. And windows 10 does not seem to allow a right mouse to run script.

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