'int4' to datatype 'uint2' failed

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'int4' to datatype 'uint2' failed

James Mullaney

Hi Folks

I am getting a ….


      java.sql.SQLException: [J0014] Return code is -402. [A046] The conversion from datatype 'int4' to datatype 'uint2' failed..




error.   I know that it is baecause data types are slightly different.  Trouble is it gives me no indication where issue is coming from.

My WHERE clause…


      WHERE (c.PAT_PERSON_NUM    = 428896 )


Runs just fine.  But when I change the = sign to > is when I get the above error.   I suspect that the error

Is in another line  where a timestamp is compared to a quasi-timestamp folumn I have that does not have the same

Precision in the mantissa portion of the timestamp  0.0 vs. 0.000000.


Any suggestions ?  


Can I activate more verbose info in the run/error log window ?








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