Slow to initiate connection over tunnel

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Slow to initiate connection over tunnel


When connecting to a postgres database (or any db for that matter) over an ssl tunnel, that is over the internet, it takes two or three minutes to connect and be ready to start initiating queries.  Once connected everything is fine.

I have tried to change the cache setup to not load all the schema info everytime I connect, but this sometimes has the reverse affect of taking longer or never finish connected.

The databases I am connecting to have around 200 tables.

I have found another tool that connects instantly but does not have all the fancy features of Squirrel.  SQL Workbench, is also java based.  Connects instantly and has some code completion features.  We all still prefer Squirrel SQL but just would like it to initiate the connection faster... so Yes we would like our cake and want to eat it too.

Thanks for any advice on how to use this excellent tool better!