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PAN Jianfei



I’m a Squirrel user and I fund  Squirrel a good software.

My question is if Squirrel supports “real-time” console ? I mean that when we have too much rows, can Squirrel started to display rows before finished getting all the rows ?

I mean when I use Jisql I fund that the codes for displaying the result is in the while(ResultSet.next()) loop, with this, we can use next() to let the console to wait and add some codes to make a real-time console to see all the modification in the database.


I think what now Squirrel does is :  get all the result rows, and display ;  why not make it like a stream : when it gets a row, it displays immediately?   Is it possible?


I have to say that I am just a beginner, maybe I was wrong, but I would like to know how do you like this idea ?

Thanks a lot.


Best regards,




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