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Refactoring in SQLFilterSheet

Jarosław Jarmołowicz
Hi devs!

Im working on support for custom postgres types and got to place called

It renders and manages wheres and order by generation and that's nice.
What i don't like is that we have IFs:

        if ((dataType == Types.CHAR) || (dataType == Types.CLOB)
                        || (dataType == Types.LONGVARCHAR)
                        || (dataType == Types.VARCHAR)) {
                    textColumns.put(columnName, Boolean.TRUE);
and hardcoded operators for all types. (Integers don't use LIKE etc...)

I'm planning to get table definitions from CellComponentFactory and extend
IDataTypeComponent interface by:
getCondition(String operator, String inputValue)

Any suggestions from architectural point of view?

Jarosław Jarmołowicz
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