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Robert Manning

I see the problem.  Apparently Derby now disallows further access to
the Java Clob once the transaction is committed.  When using
placeholder (<Clob>) for performance, we store the Clob that the
driver gives in a ClobDescriptor for later access.  We then access it
outside of the transaction in which it was created yielding:

java.sql.SQLException: You cannot invoke other
java.sql.Clob/java.sql.Blob methods after calling the free() method or
after the Blob/Clob's transaction has been committed or rolled back.

So, an alternative work-around is to turn off auto-commit for the
session (top-right yellow icon next to the active session drop-down).
The <Clob> placeholder can then be clicked on and it will cause the
data to be loaded.  I guess this new behavior solved a caching problem
for Derby folks, but it kind of hoses us :)

I suppose the Derby plugin could provide a custom data type component
for Clobs, overriding the placeholder feature.  I'll see how feasible
that is for inclusion in 2.6.


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I can reproduce the problem.  We'll look into fixing it soon.  For now, a
work-around is to go into Global Preferences -> Data Type Control Controls
and under CLOB, check "Read contents when table is first loaded" and choose
"all".  This makes the data available instead of the placeholder right away
(it's expensive to load all CLOB records all of the time - so that is why
it is not the default). Perhaps this will keep you going until we get a
proper fix.


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Subject: [ squirrel-sql-Bugs-1810486 ] CLOB not displayed using
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Summary: CLOB not displayed using JavaDB/Derby

Initial Comment:
Clicking on a CLOB column doesn't pull the data; only displays the
text "<Clob>".

CLOBs in are 2147483647

James Walker
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