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New exception handling

Gerd Wagner

till today SQuirreL developers had to take care themselves that
exceptions were properly logged. As a result many exception went up to
Swing's event queue which just printed the stacktrace to standard out.

Now SQuirreL has its own event queue (see Application.startup) which
properly logs exceptions. This allows developers to just throw on
exceptions if they don't want to handle them in their own code. It is
even alright if the developers wrap a declared exception into a
RuntimeException as in the following example:

catch(SQLException e)
    throw new RuntimeException(e);

In case your code is not running in the event queue thread but in your
own thread, logging will be properly done if you use SQuirreL's

The new Log panel in SQuirreL's status bar makes it easy to observe
logs. See description in change log,


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