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Robert Manning

Up until today, I have always configured my build system (for release builds
that go on SF) to use Java 1.5 via JAVA_HOME.  I do this because we
guarantee that every new version of SQuirreL will run fine with java 1.5 and
I've been too paranoid to rely on the Ant source/target attributes which are
set to use 1.5.  However, while trying to use the FTP Ant task to automate
uploading update files to the new update site, I noticed that Apache is
shipping 1.7 jars that have been compiled with Java 6 (I get class version
errors if I build with 1.5 and try to use the FTP Ant task, for example -
building with 1.6 works great, though).  I tried downloading the source and
spent several hours attempting to build it from scratch with 1.5.  I gave up
on this for two reasons:

1. It wasn't building all of the optional tasks that we use now in the
2. A custom Ant system built with 1.5 is not a very portable / reproducible
way to build our software.

So, I am switching over to useing java 1.6 for release builds.  This should
make absolutely no difference if our Ant build files are correctly
specifying source / target attributes for the javac Ant task.  That is, a
compile error will still result from using 1.6-only APIs, and users should
still be able to run with Java 1.5.  I noticed that at least one of the
plugin build files doesn't use the source/target attributes for the javac
Ant task.  I'll fix any build files that I spot with this defect.  If anyone
spots any issues that might be related to the switch to building releases
with java 1.6, just send me an email (manningr at users dot sourceforge dot

Thank you for your attention, and have a nice day!

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