Installation on Mac El Capitan

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Installation on Mac El Capitan

Matthew Hebley
I have just installed SQuirreL 3.7.1 on Mac after upgrading to El
Capitan. (I don't think the OS version is relevant, only that Java was

I had version snapshot-20150221_2246 before the upgrade and seem to
remember I had to install Apple JRE 1.6 to get it to go.

This time I wanted to get it to go using the standard Oracle install of
Java 1.8

It would appear that needs double quotes around
"$JAVACMD" because java is installed into a directory with a space in it.

line 25: # IZPACK_JAVA_HOME is filtered in by the IzPack installer when
this script is installed
line 26: IZPACK_JAVA_HOME="/Library/Internet

line 75: "$JAVACMD" -cp "$UNIX_STYLE_HOME/lib/versioncheck.jar"
JavaVersionChecker 1.6 1.7 1.8

line 111: "$JAVACMD" -Xmx256m -cp "$CP" $MACOSX_SQUIRREL_PROPS
net.sourceforge.squirrel_sql.client.Main --log-config-file
"$UNIX_STYLE_HOME"/ --squirrel-home "$UNIX_STYLE_HOME"



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