Empty Contents Tab in SQuirreL when Column-Names contain dashes

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Empty Contents Tab in SQuirreL when Column-Names contain dashes

Thomas Lenarz

we experience the problem that the contents tab in SQuirreL stays blank,
if a table contains columns whose names contain non standard characters.

For example column-name test-1. The dash is an invalid character.
For most databases this situation is solved by surrounding the
column-name by quotes as in "test-1".

By analysing the problem and looking into the log files I discovered
that SQuirreL actually
generates a SELECT-Statement without surrounding the column-name(s) by
quotes if the column-names contain invalid characters. That is why the
contents-tab does not show any data.

The problem can be reproduced easily using the following steps (in my
case with HSQL-DB):

create table test ( "test-1" char(10) )
insert into test values ('1111111111')

SELECT test-1 FROM "PUBLIC"."TEST"; --> won't work (which is correct)

SELECT "test-1" FROM "PUBLIC"."TEST" --> will work

Contents-Tab stays empty.

I consider this a bug in SQuirreL. It should double-quote columns
containing invalid characters when generating
the SELECT-Statement for the contents tab.

Your opinion about this? Is there a chance to get this changed in SQuirreL?

Thanks a lot,

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