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DB2 CLOB and XML Fields

carlo Lunghi
Dear Colleagues,
I'm using Squirrel as sql client for both DB2 linux V10 and iSeries V5R3-4, and I'm very satisfied due to its professional grade. I have a couple of questions for the users.

In the ADMIN_COPY_SCHEMA procedure the error table format contains two CLOBs (character large object), that SQUIRREL does not display; does anyone know which setup up parameter has to applied and where (or, if the feature is not yet implemented) ?

In a table we have a column INFO type XML. In SQUIRREL metadata we see this description:
- column name iNFO
- column type name XML
- column type 2009
but in SQUIRREL results, the INFO field is said < UnknownType (2,009) > and the very short contained document is not shown.
Again, I ask for comments and suggestions.
Thanks for the cooperation.
Best regards,
carlo lunghi

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