Connecting to Gerrit H2 database

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Connecting to Gerrit H2 database

Stephen Cprek

I am trying to do the difficult task of migrating a H2 database to mariaDB for easier replication/master-slave config etc. After lots of researching I decided to give squirrel sql a try.

I was able to connect to my mariaDB.
I have an embedded H2 database running in a gerrit instance.
I got the jdbc driver working for H2 and can create an alias that successfully connects, but it seems like it's not actually connecting.

For testing purposes I copied my h2 db file into a local dir (say gerrit.h2.db)
I create an alias with H2 embedded and
URL: jdbc:h2:<fullpath>/gerrit.h2.db
un/pw can be blank or sa and no pw and it still connects?

When I actually look at it it's has the name, INFORMATION AND PUBLIC SCHEMA. However the PUBLIC schmea is completely empty and that's where the data is if I was to use gsql on the gerrit server.

If I look in my local dir I see a new file was created appending .mv.db???

I don't know what to try next?

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