Close session over context menu (CTRL-F6) broken?

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Close session over context menu (CTRL-F6) broken?

Björn Sundin
I just downloaded and installed  the snapshot "squirrel-sql-snapshot-20161227_2119-standard".

If I have an open session and want to close it over the contect menu "Close Session" or by hitting CTRL-F6 the session is closed but the session tabs (Objects, SQL) remain open. Any further attempt to close the session tab is not successful. If one afterwards attempts to close the session tab over the 'x' on the tab an error is logged, that the ISession is null (see attached log).
The only way to close the session tab now is to close the application itself.

The session tabs close as expected when one do it by ckicking the 'x' of the session tab directly or by kicking the mouse middle button (wheel). This providing one has not attempted closing as described above before.

System setup:
Windows 8.1 64 bit
Java 1.8
Database connected is H2

Log attached


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